Insul-Liner Featured in 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine

Aug 17, 2010 | Return

Recently our Insul-Liner panels were featured in an editorial on 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine. We were happy that our panels helped keep Phil's Jeep Wrangler cool and appreciate the write-up. We've included the article below:

Have you thought your Wrangler's AC and heater are barely adequate when outside temperatures are extreme? I have. When the temperatures climb over 100 degrees fahrenheit, the AC can't keep it cool inside.

While I was working on the JK the other day, it was sitting outside. There aren't any shade trees around for relief. It was HOT inside when it was test drive time.

Even after driving the JK for 20 minutes at freeway speeds, the AC couldn't cool the interior down to a comfortable level. I felt the air coming out of the vents and it was cold. I then felt the inside of the black hardtop. It was hot enough to burn my fingers! No wonder the AC couldn't keep things cool.

There was a set of new Insul-Liner Wrangler top insulation panels in my shop and it was the time to install them. The JK sat in the garage overnight, so it had time to cool down. The Insul-Liner panels installed easily in 10 minutes the next morning. I moved the JK into the sun and let it sit for three hours.

When I stuck my fingers between the panels to feel the top itself, it was, once again, too hot to touch for long. The panels were barely warm. I took the JK for a short drive and the AC easily cooled the interior to a comfortable level. Problem solved.

The Insul-Liner people tested their panels well. During a 72° day, testing with heat lamps placed above the hardtop, the underside of the hardtop registered 212°. When the Insul-Liners were installed they lowered the temperature by 138°, making it a comfortable 74° for the entire day.

During a 74° day, dry ice was placed on the hardtop. The ceiling temperature dropped to 31° below zero. The underside of the Insul-Liners registered 64°, a substantial difference of 95°.

The Insul-Liners are over an inch thick, made of rigid closed cell foam, two layers of foil, then a layer of soft insulation, covered by marine grade vinyl, and professionally bound and stitched. Insul-Liners are manufactured in the U.S.A. (patent pending).

I heartily recommend this product. We no longer have to live with uncomfortable interior temperatures in our Jeeps. Insul-Liners are available for all Wranglers, YJ, TJ, JK 2- and 4-door models.

Phil Howell - 4WD & SU Editor-In-Chief

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