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It was an oppressively hot and humid summer day in Florida. My wife and I were exploring the Ocala National Forest in our new Jeep JK. As I leaned over to grab a bandana to wipe the sweat that was trickling down my face, I noticed my infrared thermometer was lying on the console. Out of sheer curiosity, I aimed the thermometer at the underside of my Jeep’s hardtop. It registered 125° Fahrenheit and this was with the air conditioner on! This broiler-like heat was only inches above my head.

We decided that there had to be a way to improve the comfort of our Jeep. Months of design work and testing followed. The Insul-Liners are the result of our efforts. Our test results conclude:

During a 72° day, testing with heat lamps placed above the hardtop, the underside of the hardtop registered 212°. When the Insul-Liners were quickly installed they lowered the temperature by 138°, making it a comfortable 74° for the entire day.

Are You A Northerner?

For our cold weather friends, during a 74° day, dry ice was placed on the hardtop. The ceiling temperature dropped to 31° below zero. The underside of the Insul-Liners registered 64°, a substantial difference of 95°.

Built To Endure

The Insul-Liners are over an inch thick, made of rigid closed cell foam, two layers of foil, then a layer of soft insulation ,covered by marine grade vinyl, finally professionally bound and stitched. This superior and revolutionary product is manufactured in the U.S.A. (patent pending).

The Insul-Liners will insulate nearly the entire ceiling. They come in easy to install panels, no drilling required. They will enhance the appearance of your Jeep.

You are going to love your Insul-Liners!

Available in: White, Gray and Black (custom colors available at an extra charge)

Available Models

Year Item Quantity Price
97-06 TJ Unlimited 6 panels $660
76-86 Wrangler CJ 4 panels $565
07-10 Wrangler JK 2 door 4 panels $565
2011-2015 Wrangler JK 2 door (2011-2015) 4 panels $565
07-10 Wrangler JK 4 door (2007-2010) 6 panels $750
2011-2015 Wrangler JK 4 door (2011-2015) 6 panels $750
97-06 Wrangler TJ 4 panels $565
87-96 Wrangler YJ 4 panels $565

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